These Wedding Toasts Are Actual #SquadGoals


Delivering the perfect wedding speech is no easy task. The most memorable toasts tend to maintain the right balance of sweet compliments, funny anecdotes, and inspiring messages. At Love Stories TV, we’ve heard speeches that have left us in tears and made us laugh ‘til our stomachs ache, but there’s nothing quite like your sibling’s or BFF’s toast to your union—and these speeches really knock it out of the park.

Alissandra & Luis at Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone, NJ

Both Alissandra and Luis’ siblings’ speeches are going to make you LOL. Alissandra is the founder of Inspiralized, and Luis’ brother’s nod to that in his speech will crack you up.

Sister of the Bride: “I love you guys so much! You truly are both my best friends. I mean Ben and I literally moved in right next store, just so that we could hang out more and more every day. And I just want you to know Al, I’ll always be your little sister. Even when your 103, I’m 100… and Lu is 111.”

Brother of the Groom: “Lu, I’ve never seen you happier. You light up when you talk about her… anything pertaining to her. You have definitely been Inspiralized.”

Other things to watch out for: The mix-and-match bridesmaid gowns, golf cart getaway car, unique escort card table. 

Video Credit: Well Spun Weddings

Jasmine & Joseph at The Cooper Estate in Miami, FL

This big brother is beaming with pride and Jasmine’s MOH admits that her first impression was wrong. Because of them we all know, without a doubt, that the couple is perfect for one another. 

Brother of the Groom: “First off, I just want to say how proud I am of my little brother, Joey, for being the man that he is. He’s accomplished so much in his life, and it’s just amazed me. Everything he put his mind to he has accomplished in life, and so has Jasmine.”

Maid of Honor: “When she told me that she think she might have a small crush on the worship leader Joey, I have to admit, I thought this is going nowhere. But I am so happy that I was wrong. Joey you are seriously the best. I cannot imagine someone more perfect for Jasmine. When Jasmine is weak, Joey is strong, and when Joey is lacking Jasmine builds him up.” 

Other things to watch out for: The sweet first look, eloquent officiant, and tropical ceremony space. 

Video Credit: Dream Light Visuals

Lauren & Edward at The Rookery in Chicago, IL

Lauren’s dad wasn’t able to be at her wedding, but his presence was surely felt through her brother’s touching speech. Her MOH will crack you up and Eddie’s best man’s speech is nothing short of inspiring.

Brother of the Bride: “I do know that he is blessing this marriage with all of his heart. He would have been very happy to see his daughter marry such a terrific guy like Eddie.”

Maid of Honor: “I knew when Lauren and Eddie started dating, that she had met her equal. He met her dance move for dance move, karaoke song for karaoke song, and brace for this… queso fundito for queso fundito.”

Best Man: “So here’s to life, to love, to winging it. Here’s to lives filled with many unhappy accidents, unplanned moments, unknown outcomes, unscripted conversations, surprise endings, and the magic of imperfection—made perfect and true by the love in your hearts.”

Other things to watch out for: The couple’s adorable dog, unique cake topper, and fun entrance. 

Video Credit: Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

— Vanessa M. Buenger

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